No more excuses!

There have been a number of things supposedly holding me back from travelling the world. New job, inability to save, finishing qualifications etc. They are all totally rubbish excuses, and purely a cover up for the fact that until now I have mainly been held back by fear! The idea of leaving everything I knew to travel to the other side of the world was just far too much. Six years after graduating from university, aged 27 years old, I have finally decided to ignore my fears and go for it!! I have also decided to change career path, as whilst I loved my company, insurance just isn’t for me.  I’ve always thought about the idea of teaching biology, as I have a degree in Zoology, so when I return to the UK I will be applying for a PGCE. In preparation, I am going to teach English as a foreign language on my travels, and I’m currently applying for a position in South Korea (watch this space!).

So in summary, my whole life is about to change dramatically and I couldn’t be more excited!! Not being one to do things by half, I will be embarking on my South East Asian adventure solo. I will also be doing as the experts do, and packing light! Hence the blog title, which refers to the fact that I might look like an expert backpacker but in fact have zero experience whatsoever! I am under no impression that my trip is going to be entirely plain sailing, but that’s all part of the adventure. To end my first blog post here is a quote from The Lord of the Rings, which I think beautifully sums up the prospect of adventure:

“Its a dangerous business, going out your front door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to”.





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