Return of the blogger.

So after a very long break from writing my blog ( no excuses, I am just a lazy toad) – I am back!!! I am really very sorry that I didn’t write about Vietnam because it was definitely my favourite country. For a very quick overview, the scenery is excellent and so varied, the food is great and there is a huge range of activities and day trips to take part in. My highlights have to be Hoi An, travelling with a lovely couple from Leeds, and the scenery in Phong Nha. Here are a couple of pictures for your enjoyment and as an apology for no posts!

I’ve decided to reinvent my blog as you’ll see from the title change. Instead of writing about each place I go to, I am going to write 500 posts, each one a diary entry for a particular day. They won’t necessarily be consecutive days, just days that were particularly exciting and fun-filled. And also ones where I learnt something, or where everything went wrong. Or even if just something really, really hilarious happened. Who knows, it will be a random mix! I stopped writing my blog partly because I am lazy but also because I felt like it didn’t have enough direction or identity. I think this new idea will help me to focus and hopefully make a good read! It also means I can carry on the blog after I eventually return to the UK ( not for a while yet!).

To catch you up on my current whereabouts, I have now been living in Korea since August, after finishing four wonderful months backpacking around SE Asia. I had to refuel my funds, so I am teaching English at an elementary school.  Well, I’m at least attempting to teach them English – I am not always successful! But more about that in one of my upcoming posts. I live on a tiny beautiful island called Jeju, in a small city called Seogwipo. I am definitely still adjusting to life in the slower lane after living in London for so long, but I am very much enjoying it. The kids are great, as is the food and scenery. I’ve also just returned from a wonderful trip around Australia, visiting family and friends. It was so nice to recharge my batteries and have a small break from Asia, and now I am back and ready to kick the next six month’s butt!!

My next two posts will be a look into my typical weekday and a typical Saturday or Sunday. That way you’ll get a pretty good idea of what my life is like in Korea! I’ve definitely had a bit of trouble adjusting to routine again but I have lots to look forward to and goals to aim towards, as I will be back on the backpacking route in September. I still have a few more Asian countries to tick off before I head home for a bit. I really hope you enjoy reading about my life in Korea for the next few months, it’s not every day you meet someone who lives here! I am also on a mission to improve my eating and fitness, so there will be some posts about that as well. And there will definitely be a post about the awesome food here, its incredible and so so cheap! Perhaps I will still be writing this when I am 80, and I’ll change the title to 5,000 Days of Steph, ha. Anyway, here is a photo of the view from my balcony – not bad ay!



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